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Pagar Geser Otomatis

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Detailed Product Description 1.Reserch and develop by us 2.Alarm function 3.Good durability and long service life 2013The main electric automatic retractable gate designs : 1.Increasing safety and reliability of the motor by replacing the common temperature sensing protection with current sensing protection function 2.The unique infrared collision avoi dance system ensures safety of passengers and vehicles by running backwards automatically at a distance 20-25cm away from a person or an object 3.Electronic soft strengthens optional smoothness by reducing rolling and inertial damage of the head. 4.The alarm function works while someone climb the gate 5.Double self-lock to prevent any manual lifting. 6.Contact -free control in the whole circuit to ensure the system in safe reliable operation 7.Multi protection devices are designed to prevent the occurrence of car smashing 8.Anti-wind device ensure that the gate can resist the stack of strong wind 9.Magnetic limit switch to ensure running the correct position. Model: Blue Material: Alutomatic Alloy Size: Diversified available Design: Diversified available Standard height: 1.6m Power: 370W/ 550W750w Engine Voltage and Frequency: ~ 220V ± 10% 50Hz Working Temperature: -25+ 75C Operation current: < = 2.5A X2 Moving speed: 17-19m/ min Remote control distance: d30m Type of track: No track, Single track, Double track LED display: words and time on LED, input up to 1000 words according to customers requirements and language Widely use for Government, company, factory, industrial, institutions, colleges, stadium and shopping center, car parking main entries and school email us: autodoorgate@